Thursday, February 25, 2010

ReRuns in Londonderry,NH

Checking out a new store.

My mom totally had these dishes....

This place is on the "do not go" list for us. It's all grannies cast offs.

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Girls Suite

The girls took a break & had a pillow fight while we unloaded the truck. The newly finished attic girls suite is a work in progress.
Cris ended the day with a few nice spoils....a mirrored tray, a super tall cloche & lovely linen summer nightgown named "Alice"....the gown will find her home on the still to be named Cris P. version of TulleLuLa.

Cattail Farms

Cute stuff!!!!

I'm so buying her!!!

I'm so excited! I saw this dress form before Christmas & didn't buy it....she's still here! I'm so buying her! Move over TulleLuLa!
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At Cattail Farms in Maine


Cris is coveting....

I am coveting....

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Country Chic

So, my lovely husband saw my facebook post about the new blog. He so kindly pointed out that Country Chic, looks as though we are saying Country CHICK.
In his words, "we move to New Hampshire and now you are a country chick, awesome?!". I replied, something which is better left unshared. To which he retorted, "What? I don't speak country, so I can't understand you".
This leaves me to ponder..... should we remove the CHIC in Country Chic?! Better yet, it shall be justified with an explanation!

My neighbor/friend/business partner and I love almost everything chippy and shabby. If we were to say "Shabby Chic" you would know what we implied. We just are not Shabby Chic ladies, although we do love the shab & admit we are quite stylish! Hence the Country Chic. We live for primitive furniture, ruffly linens and almost anything a little French Country. Scrubbed Pine furniture, fabulous chandeliers, bows on everything & anything black/white/cream which is not pristine. We both have linen sofas, we both heart four poster beds, we both love crisp white bedding & tarnished silver. Imagine an antique chicken incubator, gilded lamp on top, used as a sofa table - this is the epitome of our "country chic". Enough with the explanation.... I think a photo journal is in order. That way you can decide for yourself. In the mean time we will remain Chic & Country!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At the Elks Lodge for an auction

Spent the day on the we are at an auction. Junk, junk, junk! Wishing it wasn't all junk.

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On the hunt!

It's winter break "ski week" and what are we doing???? Shopping of course!

We just stumbled into Kaza Designs @ 202 S.Main in Concord,NH
We are in love!!!!

Cris picked up some awesome antique bottles & I fell in love with Tulle-Lu-La

(but that's another story). I bought a pair of ruffle pillows, which I love! The pillows I plan to add to a pair of wingback chairs I bought on craigslist & have yet to slip cover. The chairs will find their home in the newly finished attic girls suite.... Updates & progress to follow.

Next we went to From Out of The Woods Antiques in Goffstown, NH.

Much to our dismay the basement was closed. Luckily we found out it is in preparation for an Event featuring Matthew Mead & Flea Market Style Magazine.....
In the mean time I found a table to covet

Too bad we have no place for you Mr. Table!
On to the next place....
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Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Place to Shop

Deux Maison LOVES Sage Farm.
We go through withdrawal when Sage Farm is not in session.
I am happy to report on our way home from a jaunt to Peterborough,NH and our beloved Red Chair Antiques, we stumbled upon our new "Sage Farm" style once a month sale.

While visiting the lovely ladies at White Home Collections
we found out that they have a new venture.... a monthly sale at a location close to their shop. You can find more information here:


Hello world

Why not now?!
The thought of getting a blog started has crossed my mind many times.
I finally decided today was the day that I was going to officially start one.
So without further adieu....

WELCOME to Deux Maison's blog!