Friday, March 19, 2010

Deux Maison is going to Red-Chair!

School is out for our girlees tomorrow..... the weather has taken a turn for the good. Coming to New England from California 65 has NEVER felt sooooo good! So, Cris & Michelle (with girlees in tow) are headed to our favorite store, Red-Chair Antiques in Peterborough.

If you don't know it, check it out

Of course, we cannot forget to stop by a new venue that the not new store is putting on..... a great once a month sale.

I have no idea why this is of any interest to you... other than you should want to come with us!
We will make sure to update you on our hunting progress. Maybe even get permission to give you a peek inside the alluring, elegant and unique Red-Chair!

Maybe we can find Tulle Lu La a lovely crown?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Old desk turned VANITY!

I recently gave an old painted desk a re-fresh. I have (ALMOST) completed it... and I wonder why it is my dear hubby forbids me to bring any new projects into this home. I am determined to complete all of my unfinished darlings, only so I can get onto bigger and better things.... Painting my kitchen black, putting in hardwood floors in my craft space & adding wainscoting to the walls in a few rooms. I digress.

I found this desk during a recent visit to Cattail Farm Antiques in Maine
With a bit of black paint, sanding and trusty Briwax.... this is the new and improved version of the Girlees Attic Suite Vanity for their odd shaped bathroom.

The only trouble is, I lost one of the handles in the messy "workroom".... now I am on the hunt for replacements.... since they are of odd spacing I am having to come up with a new solution. I am trying to use an alternative so that I do not have to patch the holes and start fresh.... because as a DIYer - you know that with patching comes -sanding, painting and more work! I want to be onto another project already!

Refreshing Antique Head/Foot boards without side rails.....DIY

I had a couple of antique beds on hand. Even though I really wanted new Ethan Allen full sized 4-poster beds, I decided to spare the bank account from hemorrhaging. I concocted a plan to make these old beds work, even though we were missing integral parts of the bed. I had previously only used the head boards for my girls last bed room.

These beds were my first ever Craigslist purchase. I bought them from a lady who was selling most of her belongings that made it through the big San Diego fire a couple of years back. Needless to say, these beds were spared, and I was the proud owner of two head boards & two foot boards (sans side rails & supports) for a mere $100.
(in the "workroom" AKA the garage)

After a quick sand & a swift application of liquid sander, I painted the beds black. My next dilemma was figuring out how to secure the foot board to the head board..... good thing I have my own tools!
(I purchased 2x8's at the local hardware store and had them cut them to the length I needed (*this way they fit in my vehicle & I didn't have to do it myself, not to mention they do not charge extra for this)!

I attached brackets to the foot board

Attached brackets to the headboard

A few minutes (or hours, but who is counting) and the bed was standing on its own! I decided to leave the actual bed frame in the middle of the headboard and foot board in lieu of more DIY work. The result is fabulous!Add Image
Add Image

Another project in the works.....
I picked up a couple of iron plant wall hangers at a large Antique show. This particular show was at the end of last summer in Maine. I plan on using these planters as Bed Crowns..... just wait and see......

The Attic turned Girls Suite

Just a quick update with the ongoing progress of the Girlees Suite.
Take an unfinished attic.....

hire some dudes to finish it.....

pick out some vintage inspired tiles.........

waaaahhhla now we can DECORATE!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy little bees

We have been busy little bees. Working on furniture revamps - photos to come.
Planning our Deux Maison home line. We sort of jumped the gun with the blog since we aren't devoting much time to it.....but eventually....

On to other business.... One of our favorite stores is having a Spring Open House. Fiddlesticks & The Red Brick House in Hampton Falls, NH!

Come along for a tour...

Ooooh happy Spring!

I have no place for it, but I adore this chair!

Maureen & Diane the proprietors are adorable! You should visit them soon.

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