Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sharing our May 2010 Brimfield show finds

So, we promised photo updates of our style in the works.... (waiting for a sunny day when the house is clean to take photos) - COMING SOON, swear!
We also promised the final product pictures of the DIY wainscoting.... (was trying to outfit the room with furniture first) - photos to come soon of empty room as we are not finding the right furniture, but we know it is out there somewhere.
Also, we told you we would update you with our Brimfield finds..... really not a lot to report.  But, we shall do so soon.

First things first though.  Tomorrow May 20th, we are off to Todd Farms ( as they have added a Thursday to their schedule) lucky for us!!!! If you are not familiar with Todd Farms, check them out here.

Friday we are going to the White Home Market.  They are in what I would consider is Western NH.  On the way to our beloved Red Chair Antiques in Peterborough.

SO, after all of that traveling around & hunting we might be tuckered out.  We WILL update from the market's if they are worth the thumb action on our iphones. ;)
If not, we will update you later and PROMISE we will add our photos soon.... I guess they better be good to make it worth your while!

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