Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today I am a carpenter.... a wanna be carpenter! Farm Table here I come!

I am very excited about a new (to me) blog I came across  I leave there so excited and inspired!  I have been trying to find a long & narrow farm table to no avail. Yes, Brimfield and Sage Farm you have let me down!  Lucky for me the awesome people at (whose blog I follow religiously) introduced me to Camila.  I went to her blog and one of the readers had commented about being inspired to build a FARM TABLE she saw at knock-offwood.  Well my dear friends, not only is knock-offwood my new favorite obsession, I am happy to report I am taking the plunge.  I am going to attempt to build this farm table and it starts today.

Much like this, only more narrow and for use as a double person desk....

image from Restoration Hardware

I Imagine painting it to look something like this....

eclectic dining room design

I am so excited, I must get started now!  
For the record as of writing this, I purchased the materials for the plan.  I did however substitute 1x6x8' boards for the table top, since I wanted to make it more narrow.  I also had 3 primed 1x6x8' boards left over from our screened in porch (which is still a work in progress but I have vowed to add the photos in the coming weeks, along with my DIY how-to on shortening store bought bamboo or wooden roman shades).  Anyhoo, the total for the supplies (purchased at local big box orange store & minus the 3-1x6x8'ers) including wood, sandpaper, countersinks, and glue (no new paint needed as it is plentiful in my workroom) grand total $73.37.  Mind you I do not have sales tax here in lovely NH.  
I digress.... off to the workroom (i.e. garage) I go!

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