Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Deux Maison as sellers!

EEEEEk!  We can't believe we are doing this!  Setting up shop for the day!  Only we really hate to admit it is because we don't want to be turned in as hoarders!  Both of us have gone CRAZY with buying old stuff since moving from the West Coast.  It has been a novelty seeing things for dirt cheap that we know we saw in a boutique in Santa Monica or Marin for a ridiculous price.  Nevertheless we have toyed with the idea of doing this very thing, so we did it!

Unfortunately the Crawley Falls Antique Harvest Festival was a bust for us.  We decided to try it one more time and set up shop at the Collector's Eye Fall Harvest show.

The Collector's Eye show was better for us, but made us realize that this is just not our gig.  Back to decorating our own homes.  You have to see what we are working on!

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