Sunday, March 13, 2011

DEUX MAISON and the Horchow Tolix style chair.....

We have been busy neglecting our Deux Maison blog.   Albeit to bring the world a Deux Maison collection worthy of a Rodeo Drive/5th Avenue boutique ;).  Needless to say, between the winter vacation travel (us Californians living in NH needed a respite from the bitter winter and flew south), painting one of Deux Maison's kitchen cabinetry black (eeek can't wait to reveal that project) the dining room has yet to be finished.  We were able to score some castoff parsons chairs on CraigsList for a mere $15 each.  After modifying them with a saw (tutorial and pictures to follow eventually) and re-padding them, they are now awaiting slip-covers to be used as dining room stools.  Needless to say, without showing too much of the not yet completed dining room transformation,  it was imperative that we chimed in on the Horchow Tolix style chair discussion.

That said, Deux Maison is not disappointed in the recently purchased chair set.  Especially considering 3 chairs set us back less than 3/4's of the cost of the originals.  After finally receiving them from the in-home delivery service (the chairs were backordered from the manufacturer but did arrive 1 month sooner than we were expecting). We did sadly spot ONE similar chair at a local HomeGoods Store days after.  We swore it was the same chair!  The chair did don a large dent in the back and a lower price point of $99.  However, our need for 3 chairs, and the shape of the HG's one helped us quickly get over it.  That said, we like the chairs! We are not saying that there is anything wrong with the originals, we just needed that dark and dull grey color the Horchow version provides to fulfill our vision for this particular dining room.
Mr.Bubbles the naked cat trying to get a cameo

However, you can judge for yourself ....


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  3. A decent enough set of chairs. It fits squarely into the dining and kitchen. Simple and pretty.