Thursday, March 18, 2010

Refreshing Antique Head/Foot boards without side rails.....DIY

I had a couple of antique beds on hand. Even though I really wanted new Ethan Allen full sized 4-poster beds, I decided to spare the bank account from hemorrhaging. I concocted a plan to make these old beds work, even though we were missing integral parts of the bed. I had previously only used the head boards for my girls last bed room.

These beds were my first ever Craigslist purchase. I bought them from a lady who was selling most of her belongings that made it through the big San Diego fire a couple of years back. Needless to say, these beds were spared, and I was the proud owner of two head boards & two foot boards (sans side rails & supports) for a mere $100.
(in the "workroom" AKA the garage)

After a quick sand & a swift application of liquid sander, I painted the beds black. My next dilemma was figuring out how to secure the foot board to the head board..... good thing I have my own tools!
(I purchased 2x8's at the local hardware store and had them cut them to the length I needed (*this way they fit in my vehicle & I didn't have to do it myself, not to mention they do not charge extra for this)!

I attached brackets to the foot board

Attached brackets to the headboard

A few minutes (or hours, but who is counting) and the bed was standing on its own! I decided to leave the actual bed frame in the middle of the headboard and foot board in lieu of more DIY work. The result is fabulous!Add Image
Add Image

Another project in the works.....
I picked up a couple of iron plant wall hangers at a large Antique show. This particular show was at the end of last summer in Maine. I plan on using these planters as Bed Crowns..... just wait and see......

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  1. This is a fabulous solution!! I have an amazing headboard and footboard and no side rails. You've solved a big issue!!