Friday, July 2, 2010

A to-do list I don't mind to do.

A couple of months ago I posted my home project list.  At the time I was even thinking I was nuts with the quantity of projects I want to tackle.  It is a shame that living in a brand new house I have so many things to do, but when you like to live in unconventional style, alterations must be made.

 I revisited the list and realized that I actually HAVE completed some of the items...the SHOCK & HORROR!  After I picked myself up off the floor I decided to repost with my additional items.

Next with be my DIY for shortening store bought bamboo/woven roman shades.


* find or commission a 8' long farm table to be used as a desk in the girls suite. DID it MYSELF!!!!
* decide on window coverings for the new girls suite. Purchased @, put up MYSELF!!
* choose window covering for the rest of the house.   SEE ABOVE
* paint my craft room.
* paint the dining room. Not only did I paint it, I faux WAINSCOTTED IT!  See it  HERE.
* paint the sitting/piano room.
* paint the kitchen.
* paint the kitchen cabinets.
* paint the master bathroom cabinets.
* add picture molding to the dining room and sitting room.
* add wainscoting to the kitchen.
* crown molding in the kitchen, on the kitchen cabinets, in the dining room, in the sitting room.
* find a fabulous chandelier for my office, the sitting room and the entry.
* paint already owned bookcase (decide where it goes).
* create linen slipcovers for craigslist find wingback chair set.
* create two end of bed benches for the girls suite.
* paint the porch floor.
* speaking of floors - replace office carpet with wood floor & paint.
* all the while shop for new finds, make products for our etsy store, and find time to walk the dog. (we don't have a dog)

Adding additional items. It feels like the to do list is never ending!
*Finish painting the porch ceiling.
*build organizer for girls TV room.
*build patio tables for newly screened in porch/deck.
*build a dining room  table.
*paint, window clothe & create bed skirt for the guest room.

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  1. Hello ladies.....welcome to the East Coast! Just found your blog and Im liking it alot, cant wait to see your Etsy items. -Melanie