Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Faux wainscoting almost complete!

I adore my tool box & my power tools. I love even moreso my husband teaching me how to use his pneumatic nail gun & air compressor as he had one foot out the door on his way to the airport (traveling for business). I'm taking my chances that he doesn't remember I started a blog & I am going to put it out there....during his increasingly more frequent business trips I have a whole slew of DIY projects planned. This dining room make over is just the start of many as I am on my way to cottage chic-ing/country chic-ing/junk yard finding/funktifying my new construction home. Wish me luck!

I digress, after painting & priming the walls I added a flat trim piece much like a chair rail. I wanted a vintage wainscoting feel without hiring a carpenter nor removing the baseboards (the latter being a DIY chore I greatly dislike). So, I purchased at my local big box hardware store what they call "craft" boards. 1/4" thick & 4' tall boards. I then attached these to the wall with liquid nails. Resting on top of the existing base boards.

And used painters tape to hold them on & level until they had a chance to dry.

After the adhesive did it's magic, I removed the tape & started caulking.

Finally, it was time to prime the boards.

Luckily I had a sample of the trim paint (left over from the home builder). I took it to the paint store a purchased a way too expensive can of trim paint. Now that the room is prepared, all that is left to do is paint the silky finish trim paint all over the wood & walls. The plan was to finish before my trip, but it will have to wait because it is off the DC I go. Updates to follow soon!

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