Friday, April 16, 2010

What to do when you can't find the right size drawer pulls?

The vintage desk I purchased to use as a vanity in the girls suite had funky drawer pulls. I intended on painting them. I lost one of the pulls while working in too many painting projects in the "workroom" (aka garage). Really I think tidy hubby threw it away, but I won't go there. Nonetheless when the local hardware store did not carry the correct size nor a face plate to cover the already there holes, I was at a loss. Until I decided, "who needs a drawer pull when you have lovely vintage ribbon"?

Started with the painted drawer.

Brought ribbon through existing holes.

Tied the ribbon inside in knots to hold it there snug.

Then added an additional lenght of ribbon as a bow. Top drawer is complete, middle drawer is before the additional bow.

And waaaahla! No charge drawer pulls. I could easily change them out for the season! Loves it!

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