Friday, September 17, 2010

Benjamin Moore Amherst Grey???!!!!

I have a funny room in the front of my house.  It was once coined the "Wii" room because that is all we did in there.  Since moving the Wii upstairs to the kid suite it is now coined the Piano room.  Darling hubby loves his 10+ year old leather chairs.  The design diva in me wants to craigslist them.  The loving wife knows that if I give him his one love the rest is all mine, so he can keep 'em.  It is not my ideal look but I am working with it.

That said here is the room before we moved in:

I did not choose the wall color the builder did.  We were just trying to live with it.

I have since purchased a set of french doors (craigslist find, $50, solid wood needed to have years of varnish stripped &  then painted to match the room trim - not a fun project, thanks).  Mantra to follow: pictures coming soon.

I also purchased a cheapo brass chandiler from craigslist for a whopping $10.

Had the idea to paint it to mimic the look of this LOVELY Martha Stewart milk glass lamp I saw in a local lighting store: on clearance it was $615, yikes!

$10 and a can of gloss white spray paint, + a $28 ceiling medallion from the hardware store and.....

TA-DA the look for under $45! Mantra #2: better pictures to follow soon.

I digress.  With the light up and all the dark brown furniture a girl could imagine (even if unhappily so) in the piano room, I decided it was time for a color change.  My inspiration came from the Restoration Hardware curtains already hung (which will be removed and replaced with sheer white roman shades after the painting is completed).  The curtains are a dark grey much like the Benjamin Moore Amherst Grey paint color.

Sample is purchased, and paint colors have been slapped on the wall.  My latest was the dark, enveloping shade Amherst Grey seen here:

It is actually coming across quite tame.  It is not tame, actually it is dark, scary dark!  I am afraid to take the plunge.  Between this and my desire to paint my kitchen cabinets black - when we go to sell our home people are going to be frightened?!  My partner in crime says, not a chance.  She thinks they will be inspired.
What do you think?

Some paint selections....can't decide.
The same colors different wall.

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