Sunday, October 23, 2011

The bathroom cabinent fiasco.

Last year I posted about painting my master bath cabinets.  This was when I was jonesing to paint my kitchen cabinets black (I wanted to start small in case I royally screwed them up). See old post here.

The bathroom has been long finished.  I am getting ready to re-do it all again.  Nonetheless, I thought I would share the progress.

I have since found a fabulous Ben Moore product that alleviates the step of de-glossing first.  BRILLIANT!

Primer & first color choice was an epic fail.  Way to grey for the natural toned tile floor.

It does seem very light and bright however, maybe I should go back to light?

My improv.... adding water to a dark grey paint to make a wash.  It worked like a charm.

The wash was still too grey for the room so I just decided to go back and paint them all dark grey.  Now I am thinking of going back and doing black, but possibly a light tan might be in order?


I found awesome Anthropologie antique looking lock knobs for a steal.  They were on clearance for around $2 a piece, swear!

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