Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yucky, $10 Parsons chairs turned dining room stool....

$10 Craigslist Parson chairs turned dining room table stools.  I originally purchased these chairs with the intent on making lovely white linen slipcovers for them.  Once I got them home, I realized I should just recover them  Once I started ripping off the fabric and got it down to the bare bones, I decided I didn't like the height of the back, so I chopped them off. We love a bench in the kitchen, why not in the dining room.  Stools are way more functional than a bench in that people can control their own seat.  All in all, I spent $60 and some time to make 3 comfy stools.  Not a bad deal.  Technically, I had the fabric on hand though.

one mans trash....

Ripped the fabric off.

backside sans fabric

literally sawed the back off - not with a manual saw (I am not a caveman).
removed nasty 20 year old foam & stuffing.

stool 2 no back... before ripping the gross off.

foam and stuffing bought off the rack at my local fabric store

electric stapled new foam on.

covered foam with regular batting - the thickest one I could find.

Stapled batting down.

Almost finished.... 


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  1. Wow, that's a great conversion! Excellent job getting that foam pad on so smoothly too!