Friday, December 10, 2010

Building another Ana White creation, or two or three.

Previously I built a version of Ana White's Narrow Farm House Table to use as a desk for my girls suite.
See my project HERE  

Now I am starting a dining room table.

I have been in love with Tolix chairs forever.  I know they are popular and I don't care (I tend to shy away from such popular trends).  I know that they are something I will cherish and use always, so trend or not they are here to stay as far as I am concerned.  The only trouble is I haven't a dining room table.  Not to mention it is hard to part with so much money for chairs. I have seen a knock of version offered at  Sadly they are currently sold out.  My goal is to outfit and (mostly) finish my dining room before Christmas dinner.  Wish me luck.

Dining room IN PROGRESS

Needless to say there is no shortage of inspiration to be found on the web.
These are my favorites:
I adore this room! It makes me HAPPY!

This is another room that makes me swoon!

I imagine the table I build to look something like this (one could only hope)!

Maybe, just maybe, I will make a bench to go with the table too! 
I love, love, love this! ADOOOORABLE! Great job Creative Ambitions!

Or possibly something more simple like Ana White's Rustic Bench

Needless to say, I have my work cut out for me.  Did I mention I want to paint my kitchen black....
I covet, covet, covet this kitchen.

Did I also mention that I am planning on building a version of this Ana White Kitchen Island?

Isn't this lovely?
I am planning on a kitchen island as a bar table.  I actually have a really old harvest table that sat on a screen porch in Maine for the past 100 years.  I tried to lengthen the legs by screwing in short legs as extensions to no avail.  The poor table legs have wood that is so brittle it was impossible.  I considered tearing it apart and replacing the legs only to build it up taller.  Then I figured why not resell it, as a lovely junque antique & build my own.  So, all of these projects have a 5 day deadline, starting NOW.  (Including finishing the master bathroom cabinets) do you think I can make it?!

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  1. 5 day deadline?? Wow! That's alot of work!! I love all the pics... I think it will all turn out great! I love long, "planky" wood tables... I have a traditional dining room table... but wish I had more of a rustic, farm like table. Hope all your projects go well! Thanks so much for the feature!! The farm bench is one of my fav creations! :)

    Your table for the girls suite looks great!