Friday, December 10, 2010

What have we been up too????

Cris and I have been busy decorating & trying to win contests, that is what!

As you may or may not know Cris and I are licensed Realtors.  We "play office" and get all dressed up to go be on call one day a week.  We LOVE it because we love previewing houses...we'd love it even more if we actually had clients and made money at it. I digress.

Our cute little town had a window decorating contest for the Holiday Season.  Cris and I volunteered and with a $30 budget from the office pulled off a cute display.  Down to garlands & a wreath made with coffee filter puffs.  Unfortunately, our town wasn't ready for our homemade version of a White Christmas & we didn't win any prize or bragging rights! :(
That is Cris....don't tell her I posted this photo, she will kill me!  We were so grubby as we worked so hard all day decorating, crafting, cleaning windows and trying not to ruin anything or fall off of the stool!

We also participated in a Wreath Design contest.  We designed a wreath to be auctioned off on behalf of our Real Estate office for a local Chamber of Commerce event.  
Luckily we WON!  We were awarded "Most Traditional".  We did a "past, present & future" theme around a Dickens quote from The Christmas Carol. Not to shabby with a $60 budget and some cleaver reuse of leftover muslin! Not to mention a gigantic fresh wreath that was over 2' in diameter! YAY us!

I would like to be able to announce that I have been M.I.A. because I have been decorating my home for Christmas.... I hate to admit after all that window & wreath mayhem I just don't have it in me....Although, I have been working on much better DIY things that will last longer than the holiday season! Updates to follow!

The last time I was at Cris's house she was getting ready to get in the spirit, so here is a quick snapshot of what is to come with the other half of this amazing duo....
Her and her awesome daughter brought home and installed this lovely tree all on their own (due to a recent  hubby injury) GREAT JOB GIRLS!  I can't wait to see her home all decorated, she always does such a fantastic job!

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