Saturday, December 11, 2010

TOLIX style chair for less than $150?! YES!!!!

I like to think of myself as the queen of bargain shopping.  In the right mood, I can find the most fantastic deals.  I am the quintessential finder of the needle in the haystack!  That being said it shouldn't surprise me that after coveting these chairs for years & waiting for a bargain, I finally scored one!

I considered this 1934 Dining Chair from Sundance Catalog

I considered the Tolix chair from Pottery Barn

I even considered (and I quite fancy) this Lyle Side Chair from  C&B

Instead, I am now the proud purchaser of these fantastic iron bistro chairs!
I know, it is a tiny photo...I can't seem to be able to make it larger.
Where did I score this fantastic bargain you ask?  Neiman Marcus's home store Horchow.
20% OFF!!!! OH MY $159 - 20% = 127.20 a chair! Plus $40 each for shipping, still a steal at $167.20!!!!  The discount almost paid for the shipping cost!  EEEEEEKKKK I'm so excited!  The thrill of a bargain has struck again!  You can see the real deal here & order your own.  They will look fantastic with the dining table I was supposed to be building today.  Thank goodness I decided to online shop for chairs instead!


  1. How did these chairs look once they came? I'm looking to buy something very similar and am curious about the quality. Let me know!

  2. I ordered these chair from Horchow, with the discount. I wish I could load a photo of what they looked like, they were HORRIBLE! The chair was very cheap, and I was shocked it was from Neiman Marcus. The back of the chair was completely flat, not the rounded bar you see in the photo. It was as if a truck ran over the chair and smashed it flat. When I called to return, they refunded my money right away, before the chairs were returned. Save your money and go somewhere else.

  3. Wondering if Deux Maison agrees with previous poster's assessment of crummy quality?

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  5. We did not have that same experience. Here are the photos we took and our update...